Our goal is to partner with undergraduate students to help them gain a clear idea of the major they want to study and the career they want to pursue after graduation. In collaboration with the academic colleges, career services, and student support services, our purpose is to help students identify the major that best fits their academic and life goals, understand university policies and procedures, and make educational decisions based on accurate information. 

The AAOC is a cohesive advising resource center aimed at helping students discover the many opportunities and resources available at the university.  This Center will also serve as the hub for advising activities and coordination of advising services for the St. Petersburg campus community at large.

Focus & Campus-wide Initiatives

  • Major/Career Exploration: Interests, Values, Fit & Major Declaration
  • Effective Onboarding/Transition: Pre-Advising & Orientation for new students
  • Retention & Progression: Academic Outreach & Registration Campaigns
  • On-time Degree Completion: FTIC Finish in Four (FIF), Transfer-Finish in Two (FIT)
  • Transfer Success-FUSE Academic Plans
  • Reducing the Cost of Education: Excess Hours
  • Academic Advising for the following majors/tracks: Exploratory, General Studies, Applied Science, Criminology, Forensic Studies & Justice, Health Sciences, & Pre-Business majors. 


If you don’t know which major is the right one for you and you wish to explore various major options, please make an appointment with an advisor at the Academic Advising Opportunity Center.  You can make a virtual or in-person advising appointment at MyUSF > Business Systems > Archivum > Student Dashboard > Appointment Scheduling.

Academic Advisors in the Academic Advising Opportunity Center are available by appointment only. Drop-ins are only available during the first week of class during ADD/DROP, unless otherwise advertised. If you need assistance making an advising appointment, please call the Academic Advising Opportunity Center at (727) 873-4511.

Who We Serve

Prospective or Newly admitted

  • Prospective or newly admitted USF students who wish to explore their major options prior to matriculation or first-term course enrollment.
    Sheila Goethe, Sr. Academic Advisor Goethe@usf.edu

Continuing Students

  • Voluntary Change of Major:  Student is interested (voluntarily) in exploring a different major and/or career pathway.
  • Reselected Change of Major:  Student is required (based on the D/F policy) to select a different major and needs to explore other major options and/or career pathway.
    Sheila Goethe, Sr. Academic Advisor Goethe@usf.edu

Undergraduate Studies

MUMA College of Business Kate Tiedemann School of Business & Finance

  • Pre-business majors: Student designated as a “Pre” business major and not fully declared.  Declared Business majors must meet a minimum of 60 semester hours of college credit earned and academic requirements as listed in the USF catalog.
    Pre-business major Advisor (s):     

College of Behavioral & Community Sciences

College of Public Health